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Posted 10 mois ago by admin

ProActif a.s.b.l. est à la disposition de vos citoyens n’ayant pas la possibilité de quitter leur domicile. Notre service de proximité propose d’exécuter les tâches...

 Luxembourg / 423 views

Posted 10 mois ago by eduardos92

Hi Luxembourg community, I'm Eduardo and I am willing to take your dog for a walk if needed 🙂 We're all in this together! Please...

 Luxembourg / 352 views

Posted 10 mois ago by Nuray

It is a LUX initiative to allow vulnerable groups to do online shopping and to deliver mainly the local food products purchased to their door..It...

 Luxembourg / 412 views

Posted 10 mois ago by Andrey

Hello, I'd be happy to help with groceries delivery and any other way of supporting people from high risk category (60+ years old). Feel free...

 Luxembourg / 355 views

Posted 10 mois ago by Jershe

Hello, I am a young professional living in the Gare / Paris-Zitha area. I have no car but am happy to support where I can...

 Luxembourg / 362 views

Posted 10 mois ago by FIRIS

Firis met à disposition une solution d'intelligence artificielle issue de brevets du CNRS et du CEA, permettant d’innover, de gérer la situation de crise. Firis...

 Luxembourg / 359 views

Posted 10 mois ago by DGMLuxembourg

We can provide assistance in transport, packaging and documentation of dangerous goods especially for infectious substances and clinical waste of bio hazard materials. Providing Dry...

 Luxembourg / 327 views

Posted 10 mois ago by Nuray

Luxembourg Government launched the following portal to post and recruit volunteers to work at different areas from healthcare to admin ... it is open to...

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Posted 10 mois ago by Nuray

Survey: How well does 'social distancing' work in our day-to-day life? https://www.science.lu/de/coronavirus-crisis/survey-how-well-does-social-distancing-work-our-day-day-life

 Luxembourg / 339 views

Posted 10 mois ago by Nuray

Here is the new info site to get direct news from the Government: https://coronavirus.gouvernement.lu/en.html

 Luxembourg / 337 views

Posted 10 mois ago by Elia

Hi! I live in the Grund and would like to offer my support for people around the city who need it in times of Coronavirus....

 Luxembourg / 327 views

Posted 10 mois ago by Aeloyer

Bonjour A Bridel ou Limperstberg si vous avez besoin que je fasse des courses pour vous n hésitez pas. Si vous avez juste besoin de...

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Posted 10 mois ago by Nuray

Parents can find good tips to keep their kids busy at home https://www.kannerdoheem.lu/ Additionally more tips around home schooling can be found here: https://www.schouldoheem.lu/lu

 Luxembourg / 336 views

Posted 10 mois ago by Pascal_Bonnvoie

I can take of groceries and other thing in the Bonnevoie neighbourhood. Auchan Drive is also possible, I can pick up your order. Je peux...

 Luxembourg / 342 views

Posted 10 mois ago by YvannD

Je peux vous aider a acheté et ramener vos besoins nécessaires

 Luxembourg / 335 views

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